About us


We are a Spin-off of the University of Vigo stablished in 2014 with headquarters located at the University Campus Lagoas-Marcosende. Our team is made up mainly by highly qualified engineers graduated from this University. In addition, Clausius contributes to the practical training of university students through their participation in various internship programs.

Our work is the result as a response to a current need for constant evolution in the technologies used in the fields of renewable energy, heating, HVAC and refrigeration. This is mainly due to the new international standards that have as objectives the reduction of the consumption of conventional polluting energies, the reduction of their impact on the environment, as well as the increase in the use of renewable energy sources and the efficiency of the different types of systems.

Our mission

Clausius aims to search and analyze new technologies and products emerging on the market that are related to renewable energy systems, heating, HVAC and refrigeration, in order to offer cutting-edge products and with the best technological quality.


We make a continuous technological surveillance on the new products and equipment’s offered by the different manufacturers, as well as on national and international regulations related to their installation and use. In addition, we offer advice and training services to other companies or entities on request.

Clausius, as Spin-off of the University of Vigo, has the ability to carry out for other companies or entities, assessments and comparisons of different technologies, equipments and products, through laboratory tests to be carried out by the University Research Groups through Research Contracts between both entities.