Domestic range

Our domestic range has been designed to provide maximum efficiency with the least environmental impact. The use of cutting-edge technology makes the difference in the design of these ground source heat pumps, eco-friendly and easy to install. Find out its two configurations: Clausius Classic and Clausius Elite, adaptable to your needs.

Get the most out of the underground energy of your home thanks to our Classic Clausius ground source heat pump, specially designed to be combined with ACS tanks of any capacity, according to your needs. Include the option of models with active and passive cooling system to offer an optimal comfort experience throughout the year.

  • Copeland inverter technology
  • Power ranges of 1-10 kW, 3-15 kW and 5-25 kW
  •  Three phase or single phase power supply

Patented technology that guarantees 200 liters of DHW up to 80/85 ºC without electrical heaters. With the Clausius Elite models we adapt to your needs ensuring maximum efficiency and integration in minimum space. Find the configuration that best meets your expectations.

  • DHW production up to 85 ºC, patented system
  • Inverter technology
  • Power ranges of 1-10 kW, 3-15 kW and 5-25 kW
  • Three-phase and single-phase power supply

Options for domestic range

Domestic range models have the following options.

In CLASSIC and ELITE configurations and in all H and HC models, we can integrate a passive cooling production system. The passive cooling system consists of one heat exchanger and its corresponding 3-way valves in both brine and heating circuits.
In all models, activation and control of passive cooling production is carried out by the heat pump itself. In models HC PC, it is possible to select between different options, only passive cooling production, only active cooling production, or both. In case of using both systems (passive and active cooling), the heat pump always decides the optimal production system, giving priority to passive cooling.

In CLASSIC configuration and in all H and HC models, a system with desuperheater can be integrated.
The system with desuperheater allows the production of DHW at high temperature as well as a simultaneous production of heating and DHW or swimming pool and cooling with DHW or swimming pool in HC DS models. The desuperheater system consists of one heat exchanger (desuperheater), a circulation pump and the corresponding valves and control system. Our desuperheater system allows:

  •  Simultaneous production of heating and DHW at high temperature.
  •  Simultaneous production of cooling and DHW at high temperature.
  •  Simultaneous production of heating and swimming pool.
  •  Simultaneous production of cooling and swimming pool.
  •  Production of only DHW using the condenser and desuperheater simultaneously, which increases the efficiency of the heat pump in these processes

In CLASSIC configuration, all H and HC models can be combined with a DHW tank with desuperheater to produce DHW at high temperature. Combination of CLASSIC models with DHW tank with desuperheater allows DHW production at temperatures up to 80 ºC without electric heaters.
CLASSIC models combined with DHW tanks with desuperheater include all connection and control elements of the DHW production system and are supplied preloaded with refrigerant and with quick connections. The capacities of CLAUSIUS DHW tanks with desuperheater available are 250, 300 and 500 liters. The use of these tanks enables to considerably increase the amount of DHW available. The use of a 500 liters tank with DHW at 80 ºC would allow to obtain more than 1000 liters of DHW for domestic use at 38 ºC.

In CLASSIC and ELITE configurations and in all models, we can integrate the CLAUSIUS Advance Control system.
The unique CLAUSIUS “Advance Control System” has been specifically designed by CLAUSIUS, allowing the control of complex installations, CLAUSIUS Air Source and CLAUSIUS Hybrid Systems, as well as the integration of the heat pumps with photovoltaic installations. CLAUSIUS Advance Control incorporates all the functionalities of the CLAUSIUS Standard control system. Furthermore, adds the features that are detailed below.

  •  Control of 5 mixing groups.
  •  Independent control of 6 zones with heating and cooling thermostats.
  •  Control of the DHW recirculation system by temperature.
  •  Control of 3 in-line electric heaters.
  •  Control with flow switches in both brine and heating circuits.
  •  Simultaneous use of Th-tunes, Internet Kit and Data Acquisition Kit.
  •  Indoor temperature and humidity measurements.
  •  Control of bivalent systems through on-off of the complementary system.
  •  Control of secondary circuits from the buffer tank.
  •  Control of the CLAUSIUS ground-air source hybrid system.
  •  Control of the heat pump combined with photovoltaic systems
Tulip White

All models in CLASSIC and ELITE configurations are also available in white finish.


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