New generation of geothermal heat pumps

CLAUSIUS is a new generation of ground source heat pumps that emerged after many years of serious and rigorous research at the University of Vigo.
At CLAUSIUS we design and develop only ground source heat pumps, which has allowed us to achieve a high degree of especialisation in this type of equipment. In these years we have managed to make CLAUSIUS a synonym of continuous innovation and incorporation of the latest technology in ground source heat pumps. We work every day with the sole objective of developing the most reliable and efficient ground source heat pumps on the market.
At CLAUSIUS the reliability of our heat pumps has become our obsession, with an awareness that it is only possible for us to deliver this reliability by using the best available components and testing our heat pumps one by one ourselves. All our heat pumps are fully tested in our laboratory before being shipped to any customer. We believe that only by testing each heat pump one by one is it possible for us to guarantee its reliability once installed.
At CLAUSIUS we control the brain… another important lesson learned through many years of experience is that the control system in a heat pump is what really makes the difference, that is why we develop and improve the control software of our heat pumps day by day, considering the opinions and requirements of our customers.
At CLAUSIUS we do not care if they follow us… it means that we are ahead…