Our range of high temperature heat pumps are specially designed for the capture and production of high temperature heat and allow to extend the range of use of traditional heat pumps. Discover all the new applications in which all the advantages of heat pump technology can be obtained, such as its use with high-temperature capture, the recovery of residual heat or its use in cascade with traditional pumps.


CLAUSIUS HT high temperature heat pumps are specially designed for the use of heat sources at high temperatures, up to 45 ºC (evaporating temperature up to 40 ºC), and for delivering heat at very high temperatures, up to 80 ºC (condensing temperature up to 85 ºC). These heat pumps can cover operating ranges between source and sink temperatures higher than those of traditional heat pumps.

Due to their wide operating range, CLAUSIUS HT heat pumps can be used, among others, for the following applications:

  • Production of domestic hot water at high temperature
  • Applications where heat at high temperature is required such as heating systems with radiators, district heating, washing, cleaning or disinfection processes, etc.
  • Applications with high source temperatures (up to 40 ºC), such as the use of geothermal resources at high temperatures, springs or ground water, etc
  • Applications for the recovery of waste heat such as, machinery cooling processes, exhaust gases from combustion processes, condensing heat from refrigerating installations, etc.
  • Cascade systems with traditional heat pumps at the lower temperature stage.

CLAUSIUS high temperature heat pumps are customised to each application, both in its configuration and in the control system.
Its design is based on the use of the following components:

  • Refrigerant R134a.
  • Copeland scroll compressors specially designed for high temperature applications.
  • Alfa Laval heat exchangers.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Control system specially designed by CLAUSIUS and adapted to each application.
  • Standard models have cases of STRONG and STRONG DOUBLE models depending
    on the heating power.

Standard models

High temperature applications with heating temperatures up to 80 ºC and source temperatures up to 45 ºC.

STANDARD MODELSPower 40/37 and 80/75 [kW]*Power 0/-3 and 30/35 [kW]**CASING
Clausius HT 404016Strong
Clausius HT 505022Strong
Clausius HT 757532Strong
Clausius HT 10010042Strong Double
Clausius HT 12512552Strong Double
Clausius HT 15015065Strong Double

For special applications, contact CLAUSIUS

Given the wide range of operating conditions that may be required in high temperature heat pump applications, we recommend contacting CLAUSIUS for advice on the sizing and selection of the required heat pump model.
In addition to the standard models and for special applications, CLAUSIUS can design and manufacture tailored solutions with high temperature heat pumps. In these cases, the control system will be adapted and the heat pump will be tested on a test bench according to the specific requirements for each application. CLAUSIUS will provide all the technical documentation for these customised heat pumps


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