Air and hybrid systems

CLAUSIUS aerothermal allows an aerothermal capture but with geothermal heat pumps, which gives rise to simpler and more reliable systems.

CLAUSIUS hybrid systems allow the best of geothermal and aerothermal to be obtained in a single system and are, without a doubt, the future of air conditioning systems.


Heating and cooling systems with ground source heat pumps have many advantages over the systems with air source heat pumps and are more efficient and reliable. However, in some cases, it may not be possible to install a ground collector due to space limitations or other types of legislative restrictions, due to which, and only in these cases, CLAUSIUS recommends the use of air source heat pumps.
The CLAUSIUS Air System is based on keeping all the advantages of the ground source systems, replacing only the ground collector by a simple, efficient, reliable, robust and long-lasting air source unit. CLAUSIUS Air System uses the same CLAUSIUS ground source heat pumps combined with an external air unit (CLAUSIUS Air Source), specially designed and tested by CLAUSIUS, in which the energy that is available in the air is extracted for its input to the heat pump.

CLAUSIUS Air Source unit transfers the energy captured from the outside air to the heat pump through a closed circuit in which glycol is recirculated using the circulation pumps integrated in the heat pumps, the same as in the ground source systems. Therefore, CLAUSIUS Air System is based on a very simple and reliable installation since the circulation of refrigerant between the outside air unit and the heat pump inside de house is not required. Consequently, it does not require the installation by highly qualified personnel and increases the reliability of the system due to it avoids possible leaks of high pressure refrigerant in the pipes. Furthermore, compared to systems with compact air source heat pumps, which components are outdoors exposed to weather elements, and therefore, subject to inclement weather, CLAUSIUS air system has the advantage that only the air unit is on the outside meanwhile all the other components are located inside the house protected from the elements and weather exposure, which, with no doubt, increases considerably its reliability and service life.


CLAUSIUS ground source heat pumps can be used in hybrid geothermal-aerothermal systems, in which both a ground collector and an air collector are used simultaneously and integrated in the same installation. Hybrid systems allow to obtain the advantages of both energy collection systems and avoid their major drawbacks, which are the low efficiency of the air systems at low outside temperatures and the high cost of the ground collectors.

CLAUSIUS heat pumps incorporate a specific control for hybrid systems. The control system choose the operating conditions that provide maximum possible energy efficiency by an optimum glycol flow distribution between the ground and the air collectors, obtaining the maximum efficiency of the heating and cooling system at all times.

Ground recharging

CLAUSIUS hybrid systems allow to recharge energy in the ground when the outside temperature is high and heating the house is not required, by transferring the heat energy extracted from the air in the air collector to the ground through the ground collector. Recharging the ground is carried out at a very low cost and allows to use it as an energy storage system. The energy stored is subsequently recovered through the ground collector and the heat pump, which allows to reuse it to heat the house through the heating system.


CLAUSIUS Air Units used in the CLAUSIUS Air and Hybrid Systems have been specially designed by CLAUSIUS in collaboration with a well-known heat exchanger manufacturer.

CLAUSIUS Air Units are equipped with the exclusive defrosting system “CLAUSIUS Local Defrosting System” specially designed and validated by CLAUSIUS. The CLAUSIUS Local Defrosting System consists of heating the glycol inside the Air Unit and its recirculation only inside the Air Unit tubes, thus preventing its circulation through the connection loop between the Air Unit and the heat pump. This feature allows to reduce the defrosting times and to increase considerably the efficiency of the heating system.

This exclusive CLAUSIUS Local Defrosting System allows obtaining the advantages listed below comparing to other traditional defrosting systems.

  • The heat is supplied from inside the Air Unit tubes, so a faster and more efficient defrosting process is achieved by minimizing the heat losses to the environment.
  • The heating and recirculation of the glycol is carried out only inside the Air Unit, thus avoiding its circulation through the connecting circuit between the Air Unit and the heat pump. This feature avoids significant heat losses, as well as the expansion-contraction processes due to the strong temperature changes of the elements and junctions of the circuit during the defrosting proceses, which provides the system a reliability and efficiency much higher than the systems in which the heating of the glycol is carried out in the heat pump.

The CLAUSIUS Local Defrosting System is installed in the CLAUSIUS Air
Units and tested by CLAUSIUS.


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