High power range

Maximum capacity and efficiency with the lowest enviromental impact. Our range of High Power offer the highest power range on the market with Clausius Strong and Clausius Strong Double, designed to optimize its performance in all types of large-scale buildings. In both categories, the possibility of including an additional desuperheater for the production of high temperature DHW is offered. Discover the technological advances present in this type of equipment.

Up to 75 kW with Copeland inverter technology that provides the widest range of regulation on the market.” Clausius Strong heat pumps are easy to install and ensure the best energy efficiency with models that allow the integration of heating, active and passive cooling and desuperheater in a single unit.

  • Copeland inverter technology with high power and latest generation
  • Power ranges of 7-50 kW and 12-75 kW
  • Three-phase electrical supply
  • DHW production at high temperature with desuperheater
  • Possibility to cascade up to 14 units.

Double refrigeration circuit, double reliability, since the Strong double models consist of two totally independent refrigeration circuits, each equipped with its own inverter system and that can work together or completely indepently which gives the heat pump a double reliability.

  • Double inverter technology from Copeland of high power and last generation.
  • The largest power regulation range on the market, from 7 to 100 kW and from 12 to 150 kW.
  • Maximum efficiency by controlling the optimum operating point.
  • Production of DHW at high temperature with desuperheater.
  • Cascade connection of up to 6 units, up to 900 kW  for cascade.

Options for high power range

High power range models have the following options

A passive cooling production system can be integrated in all STRONG models. The passive cooling system consists of the heat exchanger and the corresponding 3 way valves in the collection and heating circuits.

In all H and HC models, the activation and control of the passive cooling production is carried out by the heat pump itself. The HC PC models integrate the passive cooling system and it is possible to select between the production of only passive cooling, only active cooling or both. In case of using both systems (passive and active cooling). The heat pump decides at all times the optimal production system, always giving priority to passive cooling.

The CLAUSIUS STRONG models are the only high-power geothermal heat pumps in the market that can integrate a passive cooling system.

A desuperheater can be integrated in all STRONG and STRONG DOUBLE models. The integration of the desuperheater allows the production of DHW at high temperature, as well as the simultaneous production of heating and DHW or swimming pool and cooling with DHW in the HC DS models.

The desuperheater can be used in a separate circuit only for the production of DHW or high temperature heating, or in combination with the heating circuit, in such a way that by means of the corresponding combination of valves, both condenser and evaporator can used in parallel for the production of DHW and heating or cooling, or in series using the condenser and desuperheater simultaneously for the production of DHW or heating.

The control system of the STRONG and STRONG DOUBLE models allows controlling both the circulating pumps of the desuperheater and condenser circuits, as well as the solenoid valves that allow the condenser and desuperheater configurations in series or parallel.

Models with an integrated desuperheater, in addition to allow the simultaneous production of DHW and heating or cooling, when condenser and desuperheater are used in series, cause an increase in the efficiency of the heat pump.