Installation of Clausius Strong Double HC 7-100 DS ground source heat pump in a newly built geriatric residence in Meirás (Sada). With 11 boreholes each 150 meters deep, it will have all its heating and hot water demands met with a 1,000-liter buffer tank and a 1,500-liter DHW tank, for a surface area of 1,519 […]

A container manufactured by Clausius provided sustainable cooling and air-conditioning to the Moncloa Transport Hub in Madrid, Spain

A combination of geothermal energy and solar power have provided sustainable cooling and air-conditioning to the Moncloa Transport Hub in Madrid, Spain. The Geobatt project was launched by Sacyr, Energy Storage Solutions, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III, and the IMDEA Energy Foundation to demonstrate the exploitation of geothermal energy with flow batteries for the air […]

Enterprise adoption of ground source heat pumps will create $18.5 billion market by 2030

According to “The Energy Newspaper”, the global market for ground source heat pumps (GSHP) amounted to 415,000 units in 2022 and will grow at a rate of 6% annually until 2030. Global technology intelligence company ABI Research reveals that GSHP has a promising future, with more and more companies investing in this technology, which will […]


Geothermal-aerothermal hybrid systems allow you, at the same time, obtain the advantages of both technologies and avoid their main drawbacks, such as the low efficiency of aerothermal energy by reducing the outside temperature and the high cost of geothermal collection systems. CLAUSIUS heat pumps incorporate a specific control system for hybrid geothermal-aerothermal systems that selects […]

New premises KKM gmbh in Heek-Germany

 ELITE H 5-25 kw in North Devon (England).

Installation with an open loop system with water from the river next to the property. The open loop system will pump the water from the river to the heat pump where the heat will be extracted. They have used a Danfoss heat exchanger on this installation (supplied by Clausius) which not only exchanges the heat […]