ELITE H 5-25 kw in North Devon (England).

Installation with an open loop system with water from the river next to the property. The open loop system will pump the water from the river to the heat pump where the heat will be extracted. They have used a Danfoss heat exchanger on this installation (supplied by Clausius) which not only exchanges the heat from the river to the heat pump but is also able to filter out and remove particles up to 6 ml big out of the river water making it an easy clean hassle free system.

This House will now have all its heating and hot water demands met by a Clausius Elite 25 kW Heat pump on a single phase connection.

Our Clausius Elite model has a built in cylinder that heats DHW up to 85ºC, but they have also connected a second cylinder to ensure all hot water demands are met for this larger property.